Contents/Outline of the Manifesto:

  • Preamble
  • Guiding Principles
  • Main objectives
  • Policy guidelines


The Current exploitative system has failed on all accounts to deliver even the basic rights to the citizens of Pakistan. Over the past 75 years, all democratic and non-democratic governments in Pakistan have failed. There have been very small periods of progress and very large periods of regression, leading to the current situation where the entire structure of justice and governance has collapsed. The current political parties have either become political dynasties or religious ideologues, which have nurtured a climate of plunder all over. Through their cronies they have even created a legal system that encourage loot and through skillful manipulation of the media they have created a cadre within the country which glorifies their misdeeds. There is therefore a definite need for fresh and clean blood in Politics of Pakistan. 

Guiding Principals

  • All politics will be conducted within the confines of constitution based on principles. In a constitutional democracy, it is the written fundamental principles laid down in a document which is supreme and not the parliament, or the executive, nor armed forces and neither the judiciary. The fundamental principle of the constitution is to create a welfare state for the people, this is what our party will aim to do.
  • Party will have democracy within also and the leadership will consist of people of highest integrity and dedication.
  • Religion and parochialism will not be used as political tool. The party will shun all politics based on religion, sectarianism, and parochialism. The party will work towards unifying all Pakistani under the Pakistan flag. Bringing back decency in Pakistani politics.
  • Party will stand with the manifestly disadvantaged citizens/groups. It will be the key promise of this party to work towards bringing equality and relief for the downtrodden groups and citizens of Pakistan.
  • Funding with no strings. The party funding will be transparent and visible. We will consciously avoid funding from interest groups and influence lobbies.
  • Political struggle will focus on issues which the common people face. We shun politics of personalities.
  • Decisions/positions will be formed through consultation/discussions

Main Objectives

  • Supremacy of constitution in running the state.
  • Establishment of speedy and inexpensive Justice System.
  • Reform police and public administrative system to make them responsive and citizen friendly.
  • Population Control.
  • Human resource development consistent with present and future needs of private and public sector.
  • Compulsory and free education up to secondary level.
  • Overhauling national medical support system to make it responsive to citizen’s needs.
  • Economic self-reliance at state level and within the country eliminating exploitation and providing level field for all for economic progress according to talent and effort.
  • Ensuring transparency and merit in public sector employments.
    • Strengthening local bodies.
    • Woman empowerment and participation in all spheres of national life.

Policy Guidelines

Agricultural Policy. Our agricultural policy will aim at empowering the farmer. Incorporating technology to enhance and streamline agricultural produce. Aiming towards creating a self-sufficient agricultural sector which adequately addresses the food security needs of Pakistan. Also, to create value addition to our agricultural and livestock sectors, thereby creating additional jobs and improving export potential.

Judicial Policy. The judicial policy will aim at re-vamping the entire judicial structure towards providing timely, inexpensive, and merit-based justice to the common man.

Governance Policy. Re-orientation of the entire governance structure to make it responsive to needs of the common man. Creating an atmosphere of “service to the people”, in all government departments. Re-structuring police, land, and other public dealing departments by creating a focus towards service delivery to the people. We will also closely study the need for additional provinces in the country and after creating consensus, embark on such a program.

Health Policy. This policy will focus on providing affordable, accessible, and quality health care for the common man. There will be a special focus on population control with the aim of drastically slowing down the increase in our population.

Industrial Policy. This policy will focus on expanding the industrial sector in Pakistan by facilitating the industrialists, creating conditions conducive for an industrial infrastructure which not only meets the needs of the country but also has a strong export potential. “Make in Pakistan” to be the hallmark so that imports are discouraged, and local manufacture is preferred.

Education Policy. Provision of free, quality education to all children of the country up to secondary level, free of cost. Reinvigorating the Higher education within the country to make it compatible with first world education. Focus on technical education and skill development and to utilize education institutions for imparting ethics and morality training.

Energy Policy. This policy will focus on revamping to entire energy sector by utilizing the existing hydel, solar and wind potential of the country. This will result in availability of cheap electricity to not only the common man but also to the industry. We will also focus extensively on exploration of new energy resources within the country so that the shortfall in natural gas can be overcome.

Economic Policy. Economic policy will aim at wealth creation, thereby expanding the size of the economic pie. Making Pakistan an economically strong and self-reliant state. Economic policy will also focus on legislated re-distribution of wealth, thereby creating a moral and just society.

Foreign Policy. Foreign policy will aim towards achieving the rightful place for Pakistan, in the comity of nations. As per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam we will strive for peace within and peace without. We will base our foreign policy on principles and take stands based on national interests.

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